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Baldness is increasing in younger people, which is a cause of mental disturbance, lack of confidence, and older look & affecting them psychologically.

Hair from back & side of the Head usually don't fall, because they are not affected by the hormones causing Hair fall. Hair grows as 1, 2, 3 hairs together, (sometimes 4 also). These groups are Called Follicle.

Modern Hair Transplantation has come a long way from punch grafting, Mini & Micro grafting to now follicular unit transplantation ie (FUT). Basically Hair transplant is a method where a intact follicle is removed from the back & then safely implanted in bald area, so it is done in three steps.

1) Removal or Harvesting
2) Making slit or Hole
3) Implanting the Hair.

Remember all three steps are equally important for a successful Hair transplant.

1) Harvesting:- It is done by two methods:

a) Strip method:- Here a strip of skin with hair is removed from the back & side & then the donor area is closed, then Hair follicles are separated individually from the strip. One line scar (linier scar) will be formed which will be covered by back hair & if "Trichophytic" closure method is used then hair will also grow from the scar line. The scar is seen only when your head is shaved.

(b) FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) - Here individual Follicle of hair is removed by a drill or Electric motor of 0.8mm to 1mm size.

Here you don't get a line Scar but you get tiny dots. For 1000 Follicle grafting, there will be 1000 tiny dots but they will be covered by Hair, but if you shave your head, dots may be seen.

Here you can see that FUE is not a separate transplant method but a separate method of harvesting. Rest of the two steps are same & final result depends on how well all the three steps have been performed.

(2) Making slit or Hole - Fine holes are made in the recipient area. Size of the hole vary for 1, 2 or 3 hair follicle. Their direction, angle & density vary according to the area of Scalp.

Different instruments are used for making holes viz Needles, fine blades, Kolkata slit. etc.

(3) Implantation -

It is very important to implant a graft properly into the slit or hole of right size without damaging it. It has to be done very delicately & at the same time very fast, because if the grafts are damaged during implantation, the growth will not be proper & if they are left out of the body for longer time, again it will reduce the growth.

Hair Transplant is done under local anesthesia It is a Day Care Surgery i.e. you go back on same day.

Hair starts to grow after 3 months of transplantation & results are seen after 6 months.

Final result is judged at 1year. In female, it takes more time i.e. one and half to two years, for the result to be appreciated.

Rates - For 1000 Follicle Grafting : Rs.25000/-


Surgery done for making ones appearance more pleasant and attractive is commonly known as Cosmetic Surgery or Aesthetic Surgery. This Surgery has developed and has become popular only in last few decades. Because of the increasing body awareness and the desire for self improvement, the demand for cosmetic surgery is rising day by day.

Various cosmetic surgeries that are performed today are:

A bulging abdomen with loose skin and excess of fat can be corrected by abdominoplasty. This is helpful in women, who after having children are having relaxed and loose abdominal skin. During abdominoplsty, folds of skin and fat are resected and abdominal musles are tightened to regain the lost lone

Lipectomy means 'removal of fat by surgery'. In suction assisted lipectomy or lipolysis the surgeon loosens and removes fat from an area by using long or short metal tubular instruments connected to a suction machine. Suction cannulas are usually made of stainless steel. The tips are blunt and have few holes near the tips. Suction machine used for this purpose create very powerful negative pressure up to - 760 mm Hg.

Fat collection of the abdomen, thigh, buttock. hips, arms, under the chin, upper torso etc. can be reduced by this procedure. Liposuction is neither a substitute for dieting nor cure for obesity. Person having healthy elastic skin with localized fat collection - gets the best result. It is usually combined with abdominoplasty called Lipo Abdominoplasty.

Cosmetic surgery of the nose is known as rhinoplasty. As nose is the centre of the face, so deformities are very prominent and evident and that is why rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery.

In Rhinoplasty, one or more of the following are done. Elevation of a depressed nose, removal of a 'hump', reduction of the bulk of the tip, narrowing of the nasal bone, reduction of the size of the nostrils or narrowing of the base of the nose, elevation of the tip of the nose etc. Incisions are made usually inside the nose so they are not visible.


MASTOPEXY - In this operation, dropping & sagging breasts are lifted up, recontoured and tightened. Nipple and areola are relocated higher. If needed, size of the areola is reduced. Here, excess skin in removed but volume of the breast is not changed.

BREAST REDUCTION - This is done when breast size is large and uncomfortable. Size of the breast is reduced by removing skin, fat & breast tissue and breast is reshaped. Scar usually comes in breast fold and below the areola.

BREAST AUGMENTATION - This is done to enlarge the under developed breast. Here an implant is placed behind the breast tissue or behind the pectoral muscle. This is costly surgery, because of the cost of implant which are silicon or saline filled.

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION - Following mastectomy i.e. removal of breast, it can be reconstructed by different methods.

GYNECOMASTIA (Enlargement of Male Breast)
This is a cause of embarrassment In males and sometimes gives psychological problem. Here by an invisible incision around the lower half of areola excess fat & breast tissue is removed. Liposuction is done first to remove the fat.

REMOVAL OF MOLES - Unwanted moles are removed.

SCAR REVISIONS - Large, wide ugly-scares of face and other parts of body are minimised by this operation. They are repaired in a way to give minimum sear.

Vitiligo when not increasing in size are known as stable vitiligo. Small to moderate size stable vitiligo can be removed by dermaplanning or dermabrasion and then thin skin graft is applied. When done with Dermabrader machine, which are available here, results are better.

DOUBLE CHIN - This is corrected by removing the excess fat under the chin by suctioning.

THICK LIPS - Are reduced in size by removing a strip of the red part of the lip with the underlying tissue.

So with the help of Cosmetic Surgery it is possible to improve the look and appearance if the expectations are within limit, but it is not possible to change a person or face completely, as it is shown in TV or movies.